The Company "Mobil-S" is considered as one of the largest service companies in the oil industry of Mangistau region and was formed in….(2003) to provide transportation services, transport and logistics...

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Fleet of vehicles

  "Mobil-C" LLP has an extensive fleet of motor vehicles and machinery production of near and far abroad, for work which involved experienced operators, drivers to ensure quality and timely execution of works.

 All vehicles are equipped with first aid, firefighting equipment and communications. This ensures that each vehicle is controlled and the customer can be informed of the delivery of goods to its destination.

Transportation of goods is carried by various types of transport. For each variety of cargo, in each particular case, "Mobil-C" LLP chooses the best options for the route and the vehicle. All the wishes and recommendations of the consignor and consignee are taken into account.

The park of company has vehicles specially equipped for the transportation of hazardous and oversized cargo. For transportation and bunkering of fuel has a special tanker of brand “Volvo”, “Scania” and “MAN” with a capacity of from 16 till 40 cubic meters. All are equipped with pumps, meters, TODO connections and filters of fine purification.

 Auto Park of Company «Mobil-C» LLP consists of the following appliances:

 • Trailers (oil tankers, fuel trucks, capacity of 20-30 cubic meters) with isotherms are intended for short-term storage and transportation of crude oil and light oil products;

 • Water trucks (capacity of 20-30 cubic meters) are intended for short-term storage and transportation of water, as well as for transportation of food liquids (milk, water, wine, alcohol, alcohol-containing liquids);

  • Motor graders, are intended to profile the subgrade of the roadway, construction of road embankments, layout areas, cleaning areas from snow and other works;
  • Dump trucks are intended for transportation of various bulk construction, industrial goods;
  • Excavators are intended for all types of digging and accessories at repair work on roads pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, as well as special planning of slopes along automobile lines;
  • forklifts and bucket (capacity from 5 till 10 tons) are intended for the transportation of cargo and their loading and unloading of forks clamp;
  • bulldozers are intended for mechanization of earthworks: planning sites, excerpts excavation, backfilling ditches, ravines, and clearing roads from snow;
  • Rollers are intended for laying asphalt covering and compaction of soil or gravel surface;
  • Crane trucks, with lifting capacity from 25 till 100 tons, are intended for loading and unloading, construction and installation work on the dispersed objects with different types of access roads;
  • Auto hydraulic hoist, man lift  (aerial platform) are designed to lift people with the materials and tools to the height of 22 m according to the service area, installation and repair of residential, industrial and public buildings, power lines and communication, external thermal insulation of pipelines and other works requiring transport people and equipment to the height;
  • Low frame platforms (25 - 50 tons), are designed to carry oversized, large and other bulk cargo on them may establish additional constructions to let the trailer to transport of goods in an inclined position;
  • Vacuum - vacuum truck (15 - 30 cubic meters), is designed for mechanized cleaning of cesspits of fecal fluids and deliver them to the place of disposal;
  • Aggregate for dewaxing   HOT OILER, is designed for heating and circulating the hot oil in the well to remove the wax, hot water for industrial purposes;
  • Steam field installation, steam truck, is designed for dewaxing oil wells to heat the underground and surface equipment with saturated steam of high pressure for residential heating, heating and cleaning machinery low-pressure steam;
  • Truck tractors are designed for the operation with trailers on all types of roads during transportation of various cargoes, loading and unloading;
  • Cementing units are designed to pump various fluids for cementing, repairing of wells, and to perform other washing - squeezing jobs held in the oil and gas wells;
  • Installation of pump downstream level, output of 700 kg/cm2, is designed to pump various fluids, household and industrial waste;
  • Bowser, is designed to transport and refueling vehicles light oil, as well as for the temporary storage of fuel;
  • Minibuses (7-15 seater);
  • Coaches (30-40 seats);
  • Shift buses (Kamaz - up to 28 seats) equipped with air conditioning;
  • Pick-up;
  • Jeeps and other cars.

There are additional mobile equipment such as:

• diesel power station (380 - 500 kW.)

• car repair mobile workshop with the welder; 


ISO 9001:2008 «Quality Management System. Requirements»

ISO 14001:2009 «Environmental management system. Requirements with guidance for use»

OHSAS 18001:2007 «Safety management systems and health. Requirements»




GPS Monitoring

All of the company's vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking devices system GPS - Navigation. Monitoring tracking includes the following features...More details