The Company "Mobil-S" is considered as one of the largest service companies in the oil industry of Mangistau region and was formed in….(2003) to provide transportation services, transport and logistics...

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Fleet of vehicles

Fleet of vehicles

"Mobil-C" LLP has an extensive fleet of motor vehicles and machinery production of near and far abroad, for work which involved experienced operators, drivers to ensure quality and timely execution of works.

 All vehicles are equipped with first aid, firefighting equipment and communications. This ensures that each vehicle is controlled and the customer can be informed of the delivery of goods to its destination.

Transportation of goods is carried by various types of transport. For each variety of cargo, in each particular case, "Mobil-C" LLP chooses the best options for the route and the vehicle. All the wishes and recommendations of the consignor and consignee are taken into account.

The park of company has vehicles specially equipped for the transportation of hazardous and oversized cargo. For transportation and bunkering of fuel has a special tanker of brand “Volvo”, “Scania” and “MAN” with a capacity of from 16 till 40 cubic meters. All are equipped with pumps, meters, TODO connections and filters of fine purification.


GPS vehicle monitoring system

All of the company's vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking devices, GPS navigation systems. Monitoring tracking includes the following functions:

compliance with speed limits;

sudden acceleration of speed;

sudden braking;

SMU upper machinery equipment;

fuel consumption;

Wearing of seat belts while driving vehicles;

The inclusion of headlights while driving vehicles;

Travel vacation.

Thus, the navigation system monitor GPS, has many useful features and allows you to monitor the daily tracking of vehicles and equipment, take the alarm and take blocking (chto to stranno zvuchit) of the engine through a computer, etc.




ISO 9001:2008 «Quality Management System. Requirements»

ISO 14001:2009 «Environmental management system. Requirements with guidance for use»

OHSAS 18001:2007 «Safety management systems and health. Requirements»




GPS Monitoring

All of the company's vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking devices system GPS - Navigation. Monitoring tracking includes the following features...More details